Montessori Smeg

Being better at riding is how to look at people who live near a swimming pool. When they want to help you get a clear round at the jumps, you can canter off without them and have them watch you on your better pony that hasn’t really been exercised or cared for by notches to rugging the tattle to woof boots.

To be blue brasses and profiled for the cross country is about letting the pony get more puffed out than you and about getting back what you put in.

Traineeships between friends isn’t that common unless a goal for being picked to a team is knocking around. You can be dropped off to play with your triathlon friends because you are all nine and ten. What if you’re the star!

When they’re ultra competitive and you fall too far back on long runs, they can’t wait for you any more and you haven’t brought your subs for the takeaway of chips at the end.

Determination early in life is about the organisers. strategise. Looking back, what had seemed to be about ponies & swimming to a child, is at last obvious it’s about the person (continent) developing. Fitness acquired when young is a memory muscle that can forever easily be referred to.

People who concentrate outweigh the banalities of people who have no particular plan. Staff and family are passed off as the same thing in a kitchen & garden. A worn out pony may be changed for a fresher one said goodbye to. A worn out person is changed for a fresher one at half time, when the burgers are brought on even though the)y(re) were meant to be oranges.

A person isn’t always for life. Many persons are for five minutes.

Masking and qualifications

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