Scrappy note

To be a champion of not noticing what (bad) is being done to you, you are the Home Secretary and an overcombed survivor. An open & closed sign left up to a point is tied up for a flipping over about dead pan.

Summarial avoidance is presently commonplace as an edition to caring decently hoping not to construe the effect of dust kicking up. Jarring coffee machines could easily operate silently, yet the sweat shop effect to hard work & stopping people from leisurely lazing around means they were left noisy.

Careerwise I left my double barrelled home at 15 and moved 20 miles over the hill to Aberfeldy where I nannied for Williamena & Harry who were being raised on a farm with a smelly back door and everything. But Wilhelm came to visit and there was a scene, so nannying was abandoned for a time of working in Bomb disposal, which at long range led naturally to being the Home Secretary, which then became being in a band and then I had to go back and take my universe city exams.

The bulling paragraph of moving from one thing to another on the top deck means that what we now ‘have’ as government men was happening to me, where I couldn’t realise or decide what yesterday had amounted to.

Home ultimately is a meaninglessly comfortable place where you aren’t missing out and where it doesn’t matter what you take from the fridge before it goes off.

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