Contact at escape & (im(p)unity

By franwords

January 3, 2021

Category: writing

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Error is caused as where to attend it has a cross purpose to loss. It’s if your tyrant wants (you) to be nice. One standard is met for the rest to dwell on and do the same underneath. The intrinsic fix of a lead is movingly put among. By a strength of what you are giving (into) can then come to a claim of interpretation, (although) for it to be maintained. A sceptical pledge on the ledge at screws is at reverence to a better guardian of (no) less than abruptness. Both are put together with penance at current affairs which are about back doors. The hole in the wall to a double have you is at a person on a chair to the unfolding of (not) being tied down and whipped into a stretch in front of as many compressions drumming about the range and pulling out at the stops and terms of comfort and vulnerability propping to attend a relaxation with sensory wander.

At the end of a rainbow to causation, charity converges at non monetary leaning to be exalted in co dependence where there isn’t deportment. Making flares at the random trailing in substantial mollification versus the seven deadlies to having (been) tied down (at) trophy and atrophy. A reset to love is limited at perversion for the very target. The goods to permanence bear no conjecture to transition but a flat rate to perishability which isn’t at a disability to the degradation.

What beauty you have for you is for the recourse of fishing it in reflection to warding off the fish of doubt at having the mobility put to the usuals of acquatic suspension.

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