By franwords

January 9, 2021

Category: writing

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Got to the stop going backwards. Had looked out the side most the way. Got it to the clock stop and was offered a chair. Pointed out the funny cat. Got a discount for the second watch. paid for the clock and then had breakfast. They’ve stopped the quorn. Ate the beans first not last. Watched a spirit pass. Deep going in sadder return after refreshment. Went to the plug and turned it on. Went to the settings and put them in. Wouldn’t do it. Sat down and ate the mushroom. Looked at all the people. Went back to the plug not the club. Faulty settings got disturbed. Went back for the marzipan. Left the tomato. Had to leave to ask advice. Got to the shop and took in the poster after the pram as the WiFi coaster. Heard it had to go next door. Went in and back. Looked at the filing line and sent a woman to move off. Asked the man and auto filled the tick that bounced back. Said it couldn’t because of the battery. Moved off to find a plug and asked the Spaniard who then set up someone’s method. He moved off so he took his own table. Then looked back on a jumper with Timothy on it. There’s blue and white. Logged in, stepped off and went round the block for making sure. Changed the oil and handed in the pepper pewter. Fetched the cauliflower after the cheese and the bar of fudge. Got out the bus five miles early for a walk. Found a swede and a teddy in the hedge. Picked up a golf ball and then it got dark but the moon was out.

Kin Lear has a stark start with uniforms and after that there’s a blond Edmund. His first night was polite but my admiration for the brown one got him shut out on the third night, and he was the one that died.

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