Belatedly TS Eliot

Notes 2019 Summer School UK

North Carolina Uni- Cuda. Complete prose 1996 Washington post Kenyan Review definitively late, convey belated in verse narrative cont lyric dramatic (not tell stories). Storyline interrupted John Hathenden. Superintendent to Ezra Pound interrogate emotional lives, extend and dilute feelings. Pained awareness relationship over. Beloved brings lateness past participles envision belated future. Invite and undercut possibility of being late. Rely on certainty as a backup or a backdrop. Simply a matter of time. Symbolist movement Joules Le Fauve misalignment provokes manipulated timings and emotional consequences. Harriet Law external youth flowering old age banquet bed landscape. Incognito of receipt to time lapse already paralysed, patient etherised upon a table. Formulated sprawling on a pin to a butterfly should be tucked inconspicuously to a subordinate clause. Tragic scene mocked by belatedness, as male baldness. Implication is a narrative technique to windows of possibility. I have grown old chambers of the sea for freedom in death by water when discomfort and agony can be relieved. Avoid embarrassment but suffer for skipping the present symptom of sensitivity. Cannibal arrive late to a dinner gone cold shoulder and scrambles to overtures. Vel leities determine to slow narrative down, & oft unconscious of own suffering. What say next how respond. Tobacco trance to admire monuments and internal desire to be late for going over again as a ground hog day. Twist buried bric a brac left overs face encounter of magnification decelerate. Repetition imply stasis and an echo elsewhere envisions learning of her death and ambivalence without her doubtful tardy too late. Certainty of disdain before satiric edge, belated imaginative tool of candid self awareness. Mis en scene stand in for poet himself to expand emotional belatedness spectrum. Daughter who cries is a missed opportunity or has one in imperative mode. Experiment about emotional soul leaves a bruised body. What’s the point of recovering from being beaten up then. She would have grammar suspended to an irretrievable hold on the past.

Director third person has the difference by deliberate effect of belated pose. Home straight mistake and not become a poet. 1919 mess of my life over no chance to prove myself to a dead father’s chance to prove the family motto. Tacuit Fecit be silent and act. Dramatise mental disintegration The Dial 1922 Award Tiresias old man with female breasts put teeth back in mouth and scene build toward to have seen it before. Echo effect in living with belatedness and renewed shame at missing exam. What happened in intervening year obscured by drowned ellipsis. Pose could not speak and eyes failed as an androgynous blind seer. Fiction of poem carbuncular arrive. Do this be moderate hold door open. Damyata boat your heart would have responded implies counter factual response. So I would have had him leave. In fact we missed that great opportunity.

Papers room to grow thank god not now stains human sin and error had experience but missed meaning. Theodore Guissal hold us all back from tea and coffee didn’t understand phenomena and ubiquitous poetry. Typos and got there already married or dead. Biographical person cannot answer a letter. By here and not in us. Cannot bear to look at own poems. Compulsion to leave behind proofrock swan song inveterate businessman. Modernism and belatedness deridien difference to articulate thereby sorry it’s not a better answer. Response weak theory, can’t get away from thinking through emotions mistake of reading impersonality. Mind regards itself as syntax and diction. Sceptical about what k/mind could do and strong at emotional could. Syntactical pattern addiction to literary trope syntax tense tremble to answer sense of post industrial. Thematic scansion ellipses slowed speed. Is anyone there sitting nicely.

Public service announcement. Dismiss poem as embarrassing to misremember, perilous gap disorientating leap before and after shape and sizes to circulating in a moment. Prob gap 1912 resistance to inertia. Perfigilium decorous invitations and scenes remembered as imagined. Conditional perfect subjective to four blank pages. Evening paralysis setting the scene where evening imagery fought itself. Preparations dusk evening dark feverish nauseating vigil dissolves to atonal mismatch and gothic paranoid of fumbled madness singing on a curb stone. Laforge how to critique social convention to a dateable moment. Permutations perfect aggressive to be simple and dare to be completed later. Perviligiam replace disappointed toys with formatting. Fussy excise compromise of a failed philosophy. Bell weather modernism. Eureka artistic resolve failures indecision’s of artistic process heartlessly indifferent that paralysed resolve. Irony of modernism do not ask what is it. What cannot be spoken hinges on counter intuitive unhappy compromise. Felicitous discovery technique fragmentation. Poem overriding emotion earliest drafts when it comes to you at puritanical suspicions to sex comb hanging. Melodrama adult church venter bewildering variety of Dante stoic reticence to courtship supposed to say the societal discourses with expressionist bathos. Protarian complexity starc at cigarette that makes charm of the vacant lots. Yellow fog to rub its back and destabilise comic banality. High seriousness of Dante blank horror of comatose patient. Prufrock glide form serious distinct mode far apart blunt agony. Contrast not contiguous near heart material world neck tie cake. When speaker asks do I dare. Conflicting clues about tone, serious evasive to conventional feelings. Heavy side sawdust drains watched the smoke rings from pipes and scissor bibs mermaid do not think they will sing to me, cannot get sexual fantasy to work. Quiet defiant honesty admiral balanced reserve beneath belies a sense of panic to hardened balancing and fear madness momentum. Sectional fall on its back chant suffuses poem argument of insidious intent. Initiate gesture contents of book restored note jagged edges. Bold fragile terrifying gaze absence of distinct rhetoric. Psychology of hesitant lover swerve away without calling it off. Confessing reality to being lonely alienated, though 2 different things.

Imperfect notebook mitigates stings. Learn to rage stoically at cold social imbecility of convention to stare into the abyss daring reader to follow. Final court of appeal earlier critic not focus on gaps end of talk and community with readers at disaggregated self by a male companion who is touched by it. Lemon squeeze find new approaches. Ballad of fox dinner raucous drinking Latin veneris. Pergilium wasn’t working and deleted punctuation instead of gap words. Jules spheres book 1922 Edmund Wilson verse societes character sketones sketches acrobatic connection, heart of terror. Eliot among helliots.

Did I ask you to prepare a question. 4 quartets and notes on definition of culture. Burnt Norton was written by a blackbird. Yeats auditory imagination exciting crumbs of doubt despair. David Jones green and go slow, attentive to what isn’t there. Orig written for a play, collection of concision to living in time and knocking on wood to the detail of making ambition. Hypothesis and reason from all time irredeemable if logical necessity looks as if it doesn’t understand. 3 time spans calling on a scene of peace making a transition to memory. Can memory be shared with another echo and refuge of a garden at all three kinds of times. Weightless without history accepting a rose quietly. Derision left to be told through a sound pattern of nature.

Haffenden, David Jinetz Elizabeth Micakovic strategic initiatives of looking where you are not seeing. Ambassador note controlling intelligence information wisdom lost in knowledge. Knowledge lost in information. Obligation of leisured education to Hansard vocarium. Ambivalent approach to performing radio above what you look like. 1948 Nobel Prize Award. The Social function of non English poetry not at standard language by disloyalty. William Cabelle Greet patriotic citizenship at self proclaimed dialect hunter for difficult to secure subjects. Hunter must suffer ignominy of his position to win it, George Hibbit The Columbia Recordings. Unity of organisation or variety of nature to Cape Anne vociferous poem 1934 Frederick Packard professor of speech. Canning the Harvard accent has a shaming exercise of having to hear the recording. Shared material paradigm to four minutes only. Naturalisation records parched limbo of Dante from Florence for heresy treason. Alfie Craneburg a German speechless for nine months looking for fathers in the underworld preserved in limbo at not ageing. Lithuania contested occupations deracinated to rebuke amputated subjects. Political motivated polish bulwark against communism.

1912 Lloyd George disapated identity formed through negation. No such thing as Germany before Robert Lowell. Catch up colloquial speech as arbiter on accent. Patrician voice osmosis. Cross for paediatrician who treated immigrants to push Anglophilia. Dialect Jules Spears Brooker, Rust and metamorphoses by Kafka. Conf on Malarme Bertrand Marshall to philosophical idioms. Rive au Soleil Rambo Lacont. Heidegger and Eliot wrote Joyce essay Logos & Lapuye, disseminate teaching. Baufrais Bruno Laquette neurotic dead end Lagel Lagen to read is to gather a legacy and song. Fitter accent Plato reduce not a lot of language speed freely. Wasteland and king and Freud to father waste. Inauthentic language denounce, epigraph doesn’t explain. Sybil to ominous wish to die. Link of anxious request for a response. Juissance more than enjoyment. Batail patron saint of Psycho Analysis to wrinkled ducts and blindness with phallus not matching desires. Formalises main sex paradox of women who enjoy more hid behind phallus claim to be at a grail of desire. Feminine cup, how suffer before future anterior for transcendental being. Anxiety fear no object at symptom to what not working. Lone bypass possibility of sexual relation and rapport. Il y a pas there is no. Shock tend to non relation and to sexuality.

Appropriation of something not possible. Zine essos nothing to do with existence. Reduced to pathology, ethic of pathetics. Given to Lacon by Eliot. The solution isn’t necessarily an anxiety (language). Lacon determinism and we are all poets. Poems are always being written when picking conditions of love. Make own unconscious peak for obliged fragments to soften the whole and fill the gaps. We are birth certificate born in language. Death without dying is Valerie pity, a priestess Sybil orgasm aga. Resound August voice of no one but waters and woods as apparently silent voices to Heiroglyphs of hysteria, enigma and inhibition. Seas do self punishment about imprisoned meaning. Involuntary surrealism about and for the psychotic patient. Need to have courage for absolute passivity towards affect and affection. Essay Spinoza effectuous, sadness isn’t necessarily subjective of the unspeakable private states. Oppose philosophy and oppose discourse and art creates discourse. Proustian jealousy isn’t Shakespearean in the logic of trauma. A naïve idea to a causal chain reaction doesn’t feel pain at the retractive temporality. To be able to absorb makes a universal share in suffering at the poetic access to symptom. Consequence history can go back after the fact where origins are mediated. Logic of historic tendency is often too soon andor too late. Paradox always rebuffs past feelings and pathetic lives by a passivity about the language. Subjectivist destitution. I am only one (in pain). Phenomenology of passivity. Philosophy of that absolute agency. I am a text. I could read it if it is illegible. No one could decide if it was a happy dream. Unite from exteriority of pain. Function to a degree of intensity is pathos.

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