Eliot continued

Eliot distrust language, suspicious of it in distinction. Wittgenstein limits of my word are limits of my language. Impotence, sterility, trust and Rambo renounces the writing of poetry. Madness are taught proliferation of similar text, endless verbiage of repetition. Malarme meditate on what cannot write itself. I always tell the truth. Carmoth cannot tell the whole truth. Hoffmanstar. Viennese use language castration and a fig silences a severed head. Boulevard of scholarship phase of consensus to layers of understanding, deterministic and psychoanalytical lead up to where explanation breaks down & romantically to strange things going on in bizarre poems. Lay audience in a wheelbarrow.

William Carlos Williams critic friend of Marianne Moore. Go in front, go in back, get goods out store. Modernist work for warmer 40s 50s, does comprehension push itself in or out. Chill dead fingers of collective grief unduly posted as interwar poultice to short allegorical mode of representation for a wounded surgeon. Explicit discursive condensation and theology at section IV mostly secular prose. Metaphysics Holy Ghost for a bearing on the conversation to be obscure at conversion. Explanatory access to language have to know constellations of big frames. Yew tree mortality to dwindle after the quiet voiced elders. Torture to refining a soul for a stick in print. Virgil takes Christianism to be moral, at the greater amount he knows to the spiralling turns of facts and events. Split of belief and access make a real castaway compounded to ghost explanations. Leave theories behind and I will show you. Humility wisdom

Julia Daniels Wallace Steven’s poem Tea. Sweeney Agonister cultures go by readers who keep writing alive. Eliot’s Dwelling Rooms use stage to bring poetry to public at constellations of issues. Deft manipulation of theatrical convention. Ambition of human affairs.

Did he ___Do they ___ Dramatic concern less like setting more like character that keeps coming. Unpacking & dwelling permanently sustained for abridging a place. Delay or spend over time. Live with local weather, topography of land pop had 1910 doubled. 1930 8.6 m in London bursting the urban mind for a cake of chocolate in agrarian living. Food land housing people with inert plot for development. Eliot is a small house agents clerk, debasing the treatment of a typist. Slums with plants. Wordsworth crack.

English landed class failure to dwell responsibly. Bad things happen when you offend the spirits. Crass nicety of title, manorial costly and cumbersome. Later war era of lost houses. Promise of place and class. Trent ham hall Staffordshire torn down to pay for open land for suburbia. 2000 piles demolished and 800 already destroyed. Theatrics of wishwood already in past. manor legacy to a highly artificial dream with the audience sealed in claustrophobic parlour room. Inside outside chill creeps in. Rock garden impose non native landscape onto countryside and pushes a death of a wife at sea. Eu,elides blessed ones offer pack of penance and es Aline of ghosts long to be outside with eternal springtime and an incomparable climate feast to outrun seasons map of flight. Feint intuition at divine and vengeful environment. Wind blow in house, animal paw under door.

Army roots fabricated because cannot come past home because home is one memory. Stasis. Renovation arresting normal change of things fox food waste in kitchen. Organic bijoux rock gardens. Nature fantasy rendered in stone mode of entropy. Defeated control, sunshine, heat, youth, light. Keep out piercing gaze of fairies. Cultural diagnostic not a cure. Lesson of ignorance. Trade in stink and ugliness of death with manure. Cognitive dissonance leave city to country. Bumble through questions can’t answer. Typist country girl terrifying automation. Fast food, garbage out of tins. Agrarian crisis Avant Garde. Eliot inv with Organicist movement. Legally force people to go back to farm. Cities amenities were exciting. Remoteness. When will they get here? Problem solved by one person making another. Meeting another. Need one another. New agrarianism Lady Eve Balfour. Chinese Khmer Rouge form of punishment and genocide for utopia. Lord Leamington Horn, Hoof & Corn.

Wish Mixing memory and desire

Thrush symbol in Eliot’s poetry. Unexpected overlaps, Jewel spears Booker. 1932 home after 35 years away symbolic value mediated. Long return to 1st world. Make hermit thrush voile of America. Flute of woods dialect between memory and desire where only thirst would hear falling water. Human will to see things as they are not. Swing away from self decapitation deception of wasteland, Edenic echoes from purgatory to paradise. Redeem time to buy it back to redeem any dream of childhood and youth and idealise lost love andor word. 1920s water lapping bow to Shakespeare Perocles agent of recognition. Idealisation born of desire and to shadow reality. Unitarian family of 2 masters. Ye cannot serve god and mammon. Mathew 6.24 Trinitarian incarnation central doctrine. Emily Hale face self deception. Burnt Norton Edenic cluster. Thomas and temptation to choice with knowledge and to do or hear the wrong thing.

Impossible is still tempting. A Chancellor you resigned was a mistake. Parokian not choosing is choosing at desire and guilty knowledge. Kenosis Christ hid himself and was assumed a servant. Pensive exile in rose garden. Memory outside of time overcome academic Edenic exile. Desire is itself movement. Music heard so deeply not heard. Lamentation with being and unbeing. Pentecost presence in absence and formal repetition peace. Dark night of personal faith hears and knows it is counterfeit. There Unity impossible without ecstasy of horror. Scholar internalised at rightness of text. Birds & (Indians) death and river bearing dead. Denise Donahue definition of allegory and symbolism. Society of golden dawn symbolism as concept to you being good.

Heresy of paraphrase cannot match up with any poem. Not just use language instrumentally. Garlic & sapphire suppress pound & totalitarianism after strange gods relate with their other living beings. City manufacture faith, Christian watering down the rubbing friction to refine positions. Eliot anti Unitarian. Pound released and commended for why did they hear me. Lawyer social prestige almanac directory of directors. Why have it in for them in social reconstruction. Wisps of smoke. interstellar spaces. Vertical repetition refreshing commonplace vanity above class from modernism. Family kernel unit of society. No one should be permitted to make money in a war economy. Nazis are an army but not an idea of how to get interested in social credit. Evelyn Underhill Anglican Mysticism. When you find a grail you won’t have to go back to a well. Darkness of waiting for developers. St John of the cross through the darkness is anti status politics prob Dora Mars associated to be anarchist. Eliot turned away from home in England, for an intellectual milieu in the US.

Joanna Rzepa Warwick Essex.  Theologians appropriating words and destroying their value for all other purposes.  Disgust over a foul word is modernist, so TS Eliot said.  Jesuit Tyrel Loisy Von Hugel modernist theologians rethink dogmas.  Modernism v neo scholasticism. Hold summa of a qui as to a medieval thought.  Sorbonne, Harvard, Oxford Consultation for divine imminence.  Herman Eric framework boiled away by principle of development to endorse a fixed meaning.  I jar voice doing as one likes.  Burl Sonia not force cannot be human without super and extra human values as well as human ones.  Murray leads train of disciples into wilderness. Genuine heretic very rare bird. Heresy is partly right Bertrand Russel. Manager of Bethlehem Star in East visit of wise men & watermill beating darkness.  Paschendi and encyclically late oath against modernism.  Gospel records of fact not literary works.  Happen in excom.  Adoptionism Arianism wet below snow line.  Methodology and discussion are drawn at a pathetic child with Jesus historical v mystical.

Work in progress Nancy Fulford Leo Cooper archive.  Eliot & Valerie his wife 1957 miscellaneous material forward, move up one fairy.  Steven and Natasha Spender. John Faber & Bodly Faber point out course leader in the room as a cheese list.  Serendipity found in archives.  RC Trevelyan, Leora Mora, Colin Brooks.  Smoke Sponge, Walthouse Cottage, Padworth Reading, Berks.  The man who changed his name.  Rename Bulter Lambert.  Nameless intruders.  Charles D Abbot.  Billy Graham cult of moral rearmament.  Rewarding frustrating sleuth work out Honorary sheriff 1958 written on hoof. Fundamentalist evangelism for speech or a paper.  Holes result by elimination and not identification.  Impromptu remarks that Apple recorded naughtily.  Frederick Tomalin. Mrs Denison sounds fatuous, slow & clear.  Scotch Dynarange C60 magnetic tape.  Cheques were returned.  Servant to yes freeze.  Ellen Kelland.  Arno Robertson Appeal.  Shenley Green, Guildford Rollo books.  Ring from Garrards.  1-14 Kensington Court Gardens Henry & Charlotte Elliot.  Johnson slouch sneer at reciprocal courtesy between bypass archivist No265 house demolished and made a car park.  Diary spill guts.  Book plate plans. 

Rocket leaves patriotism – choose country before family. Periodic front loaded, recurring end of unending things and persons. Affinity of women going to sea with male and female lines, mermaid misunderstood. Feminine ending not stressed. T Walter White timeless need for secular and temporal unending female, morning female, wending female, hope female. Jingly too much rhyme loitering and unhurried, scrutiny is a first met stranger. Purgatory hopes to reach paradise after everything sees the required explanation. Hardest exposition why are you fighting? Adam Eve demons both intimate and unidentifiable. Hold off mother to talk to. Why are you here? Odysseus Tiresias at concord to meeting nowhere. The Last Canto. Watch this space. May the people I love forgive me of both bad and good consort dancing together. Objective correlative. Dissociation of metaphysical. Adequate non contradictory looping. Purify dialect of to be. After and foresight. Cold friction of expiring sense. Yeats body and soul fall asunder. Last creation of laughter at what ceases to amuse. Shame of motive lately revealed plain style. Discussion displacement of all spirits by judgement. Burned to purify for being corrupt. Holocaust purifying philological puzzle. Eat heart make you do crazy things. Christina Rossetti 4 Ezra Pound.

Working into a start stop effectiveness to being other worded and met into being revealed to the instatement on validations as a quote to sing on Benedict and Sister Scholastica.  1. Body. 2. Soul.  Punishment self appointed at deporting atonement.  Readers register (me) as the Jew, compelling a literary form of a burning issue yet to be an abrupt evasion.  Tending a green interface to enquire by neglect having tootled around the food chain to plumping for fun, just as the arrangement to regard mid summer to being spared such as the very preceding bell to having cleared the desks for a decent examination in the mirror, just as punch for a wish stance to re group and address a collective adherence.  Helen heart Demetrius. 

Comment on security and handshake chime in perception by a grievance of belief. Stashed away goodies. Lives covered by currents of action. Local way to solve weight of observation. Adjudicate anonymous responsibility. One public and one hidden life. Eliot’s wife fell in love over the radio. Unattended religious moment. Sense of responsibility to make room for hating my love. Eliot despised popular cultures. Multiplicity wrong kind of elusive attention. Forbad scholarly editions of work. Function of criticism super impose mind of critic. Interpretation merely in possession of the facts. Open contempt Ronald Shoehard second caprice in North Cambridge. Assyrian Bull operate on several levels, dandy despot cantankerous money furs Venus masochism. Write all the books the edition will inspire. Room of pre conscious terrors in line with past times. Canonical poet annotation March hare, pedagogy, non curricular glean with literary English. Proofreading error to challenge burning questions and throw things away. Bring her back to life and kill himself in doing so, value to illness. Underlying fundamental patterns remain elusive in the making. Festive suit. Ron Bush. Defend Rickson McCue. Rick McEwan. George Bernard Shaw communism pragmatic keeping a breadth of a typical idea. Trade and exchange to affirmation not yet signed up to anti semitism in pursuit of maintaining personal effects. Mutual disdain tempered to a sustained quandary of shared involvement, no actual participation through digestions to collapse possibility. Inertia close to depression, psycho somatic illness to cure. Thrush and deception, loss and transmutation. Chorizo waiting to be volunteered as a subject of both example and connection.

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