Paragraph 5

Inhibited possession. Tells me I’m too crowded. Enticing me to clasp thanks. For the Scandal of semi permanence. ‘Twas the Deed revolve in a legend. Sustain elastic to show time. Keen purge with Erotic nepotism. Filling the stalls to the Isles. Take away dream everyone else’s. Fun expelling the mystery with Brass tones. Shaded by reality’s Loop hungry homes. Bricks export the setback. Cliff urban constant. nostalgia for architecture. Glue route lucky to catch a Bus. Oh, for a fuss; wrapping me in. Nice to see a passing din. Being thrown in as the undertone. Tilt of getting up to. There was No mention of you or me. Plenty Father Christmas; run that by me. Loyal face of secret heartbeats. Multiplied with sacks, potatoes, toe caps; on a bike ride a roast. Whirr an enormous cobweb; slow confronting news with glowing.

She calls this her survival plan. Creeping round the hometown turn on the lights. By herself with static artefacts. Soldier memorials to capital goods. Disquiet keeps her at bay from friends. Quick to spot her scurvy intentions. To prey on the lime she glues coke. Romance with sugar and tonic. She may belong to the sultan’s fleet. Current buns to pick at. Havoc making snap coincidence. Never brave to set foot enough. All go by with brass bands. Worthy souls of risk and parliament. capable mouth by national anthem. Young while she the other. Stare without a general; hook up short tricks. Fork brief frequency. Fling prong fashion and fad. Collectively un billed to react. No cause assert with surreptition. Contention for awkward and boring. Airy volume off the passive; bullying. give up with smoking. Celebrations to depress Plath. That soul mates are hard. Concrete thoughts for flagellation. Finding posh with jackanory. Disco prune to the youth club. Middle age acquire. Pet require natural judgment. It was All too fast. Saying no to the long run; sprint. Temptate arrest the ego. Tired of the Groucho after the spur. Genitalia preferring the weeding. Dog the lonely blessed. Two in Many relatives; congest. Cookie packets go to Maryland. Continent find in Mozart. Bystand likely to happy chance. Knowing refrain in tune. Difference poles run slalom. Getting had up at a checkout. There is a perfect list to buy and do. Shoulder shoulder guessing flu. Confidence against the handkerchief. Loud joy loud on screams. Hollering for bunny rabbits. Terrier for getting the chase. Sauce treat for Sunday foam. Alone for everyone else. The cat has one name. Good boy the surname. Face wipes for clean bottoms. Smiling at the play delusions. Clevering with message; further applicant. Flush retreating to pipe. Ball cock lows to filling up. Olive answer to rude health. Manipulating the ally. King Edward springs to mind. Spring roots for non retriever. Look how the Irish bred. Mistrustful composition. So and sos leaving nothings. Millionaire and disregard the shortbread lane. Winnings on Scrabble diversions. Even times playing up. failures amounting to mores. Halves to lemon spheres. Appetising complaints. Perfect times sea. Back waving bathers free. Plainly grade a Macintosh. Tough Napoleon adventure. Good, hot and long in bath. West respect the heating path. Cruise Blog; plug above a chain.

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