The Green Party

The greens may as well be driving round in Stately green cars promoting decomposable fish fingers. But look at how many people are intolerant of their food. All the tittle tattle of the main political parties responds to practical needs of funds for housing, jobs, hospitals and schools, but where are we if our host the earth is so unhappy? Bad weather and the extinction of species combine with natural disasters and movements of people who are without essential water and electricity. With all due respect to our political partners, The Green Party should be Captains of The Universe. Green is above common politics. Green is more important than logistics. Green is all of our foundation.

The agenda to clean up the oceans and tackle waste mountains is bigger than Theresa May, is bigger than the preoccupation to invest the world at war with Trident and similar international stockpiles. On a daily basis the weather does unusual things, and we have to listen to our straining planet. We have to listen to our allergies and reign in on pesticides to avert cancers and other detriments. We need to be at the mercy of the garden Robin, we need a planet to rely on. The currency of attitude towards the earth is one of extraction, of quarrying, of relentless methods of land management, of poisons in fish farming. Don’t talk of cups of tea, they all have pesticides. Don’t walk where the fuss is free, there are pollutants and chemicals everywhere. Everyone listens to David Attenborough and he is a Green Banker. Glasgow may as well be a safari Park. Many of us are glutton for punishment, with much of the population suffering depression. A concerted effort should be given to ever improve cycleways and link hostels to walking routes to promote relaxation, health and enjoyment. With a green candidate in Parliament all the boring necessary policies of the big boys could be improved with bigger green persuasions. We are all aware of it. It is challenging to have the support of the meek and humble type, because serious players are headstrong and businesses run for financial before people profit. The Greens should recognise their strength as recyclers, and be enabled to take part alongside the dalliances of success and brazen money. Greener is the honey. Let’s enterprise. Isn’t Leonardo glamorous.

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