Green orphan

The environment should be politically represented.  Urbanisation can address this.  Each can be complimented.  People in towns are calling on governments to clean up airs and seas.  Companies have appropriated every inch of the globe but dumping waste continues with its plastic legacy into the warming seas.  Inventors invent green things which are economically ignored.  Our cities are beautiful.  Civilisation is a car.  Ecology can be managed with increasing focus on renewables.  It is a privelage to observe how science can grapple with biodiversity.  This week thousands of protesters marched for Climate change in Washington DC.  The green agenda is commendable but lacking in representations of investment.   People are increasingly uninterested in messy and depressing political arenas.  Greenness is left up to watching programs.  Consumption seems so hard to help.  There is a call for a green example to follow.  Where is it? Green has virtually no independent political voice.  Humanity should be protected from destruction by embracing natural alternatives.  Most diplomacy relates to wealth, pharmaceuticals and war.  There is a market for cleanliness.  There is a market for tourism.  Our world is beautiful.  The green political and business perspective is currently impenetrable for markets to engage with.  The Victorians sorted out their age with sewage.  More enormous efforts need to be taken to save our seas.  Nobody owns them as nobody owns the moon.  Local politicians tend to be well versed and highly educated at nationwide persuasions, but the environment is a bigger perspective orphan who needs to be noticed separately from quote unquote.  The international environment can bring people together and make all safer.  Inevitable floods, storms and chaotic insurance could all be prevented.

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