Lunacy has no habitat

Many vital people are called to public office.  In fact, the civil sector accounts for 40% of employment.  The abuse of genius is that it should rise up and call war to account musically with the sustainance of health and livelihood.  Human divisions are bound on lunacy.  Incisions of equality is that ‘all’ are alive to some degree.  The environment has withstood a general provision as a home.  Housing is a definitive issue, but that the swirling clouds are there to see.  Since the 1970s 44 million creatures have died in the stead of human prevalence.  Human concerns have widened the balance of species.  Idealism makes sports of languages. The base need is for birds to sing and koalas to be justified.  Coriander and thyme can repair toxicity but not the sea.  Public health is co dependent on dogs for order.  Initiating zoos is an artificial defence against flooding, but free range habitat is required.  Poverty has always kept chickens.  Who can pledge for bookshelves when learning means nothing without animal infrastructure.  Learning is required to roam among trees.  Implication serves with material frugality.  As long as there is enough to eat, all could give with less wrapped rubbish.  Insect swatted and beetle sprayed.  Badger and his friends are from extinguished as dismayed.  Lunacy reports this through mutual human disregard.  All are entrusted to be flea keepers.

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